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Politics of Cryptoanarchy and Governance

23. novembra 2018 @ 18:00 - 22:30

We will be hosting unique guest from Ethereum foundation in Bratislava in Progressbar, Vlad Zamfir

?Vlad Zamfir is a researcher and developer best known for his work on cryptoeconomics, proof-of-stake, and blockchain sharding.
Since 2014, Zamfir has been a researcher with the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports the development of the Ethereum platform. He is the lead developer of the Casper protocol upgrade, the initial version of which was published in November 2017. If successful, Casper would shift ether from being a proof-of-work coin to a proof-of-stake coin and help achieve large-scale network scalability.

?Amir Taaki
Amir created the first full reimplementation of the Bitcoin protocol named libbitcoin, worked on the Bitcoin client Electrum and created other command line utilities around bitcoin and the network. The bitcoin standardisation procedure (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals or BIPs) was started by Taaki.

?Harry Halpin
visiting researcher at Inria de Paris where he lead the NEXTLEAP project and Research Scientist at the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center at MIT on blockchain technology. He’s interested in data science, cryptography, standards, and the philosophy of the web – and am all-around radical about open internet

?Matej Galvanek
Investment Director of fundamental research based crypto fund Sigil and co-founder of Matej is also strong proponent of decentralization and cryptoanarchist values.

Main agenda will be around governance where we will be discussing on-chain and off-chain governance.

18 open doors
19 discussion
21 party
23 move to another club? (As we have dedicated DJ, feel free to continue in our space till your energy lasts & cops ? arrive)

Later we will introduce another panelists. Stay tuned and invite your friends, there will be limited capacity of space.

?After discussion we will host short friendly networking party with proper DJ Drakh

?Come to join us ?

?Recommended read before coming
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23. novembra 2018
18:00 - 22:30
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