Issue #1 – December 4th

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first issue of New Bits on the Block!

The sole purpose of this newsletter is to save your time and energy by listing here the most important developments in the field of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

No spam. No ads. No PRs. Just concise and to the point information. So let’s start with the latest news!

Bitcoin has reached the new heights. Take a look at its journey.

Did you think that we got over with all the Bitcoin forks? Brace yourself! More forks are coming! Super Bitcoin
as well as Bitcoin Uranium are getting ready for launch!

You have certainly heard that CME is going to start with trading of Bitcoin futures in about two weeks. But guess what?! They won’t be the first one to do so. 

Ethereum had a good week as we have found its killer app, apart from ICOs. MeetCryptoKities!

Moreover, apart from kittens, Ethereum smart contracts allow you to get back to your childhood and play Tamagotchi!

What’s more, folks at ConsenSys announced a new initiative for token launches –The Brooklyn project 

Staying in Ethereum, there has been much talking about the upcoming implementation of the Casper protocol The crash course might be useful!

Also, its micro-payment system Microraiden has been launched!

Moving forward, cryptocurrencies are becoming the mainstream, and lately, you can follow the price movements of your favorite crypto on
Yahoo as well!

Belarus shows positive signs of cryptocurrency acceptance. A new decree should be signed in the near future.

Coinbase achieved partial victory in its fight with IRS.

Lack of fungibility in Bitcoin makes many of the privacy-centric enthusiasts look for other altnernatives. Monero seems to be the money of choice for many of them.

Also, beware of malicious wallets that attempt to steal your Monero.

While Monero pleases hearts of the cypherpunkers, there is another coin that gets them excited even more! Have you heard of Grin , the new soon-to-be-born rockstar!?

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