Issue #3 – December 25th

Merry Christmas y’all!

I hope you have been enjoying the market correction along with the peace and tranquility with your families. Unsurprisingly, in crypto, it’s been a bumpy ride again so let’s sum up what happened in the past 10 days!


– Bitcoin futures went live on CME.
– The old man with white beard came a bit sooner this year and brought us bitcoins in discount, as well as lower transaction fees – thanks Santa!
– In the meanwhile, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) applied for six Bitcoin-based ETFs!
– Things are happening also elsewhere – France is calling for Bitcoin regulation at G20!
– ZeroLink is testing a new Bitcoin mixer on the protocol level.
– The great Andreas gave some more talks, among others also this short explanation of Atomic Swaps.
– Bitcoin dev Jimmy Song had a nice chat with Tone Vays about scaling, Bcash and Hashgraph (!). And then he wrote an article on exploring Bitcoin’s anti-fragile properties.
– Chain, a blockchain tech company, released an open-source compiler for writing Bitcoin smart contracts.
– The Bitcoin folks are getting excited about the Lightning network – here is a short and simple explanation of the basics.
– And here is the critique of it, contemplating its weaknesses.
– And, since I know you are getting bored watching all those Xmas movies all over again — here is some food for your mind — a bunch of BTC videos from Princeton.


– Dai Stable coin has launched on the Ethereum network!
– The EtherDelta’s domain was hijacked which caused some mess.
– While breeding CryptoKitties is still fun, the crypto world is getting addicted to the new game – Etheremon!
– Vitalik wrote a quick article on Gas analysis.
– While his friend Vlad Zamfir bursted a whole thread on on fault tolerant consensus protocols on Twitter.
– Guys at Gnosis decided to implement the Duch auction principle in to the concept of decentralized exchange.
– While folks at Grid+ came up with a lightweight solutions for Ethereum scaling via trusted relay networks.


– Morgan Stanley estimates that hedge funds poured over 2 bln into crypto in 2017.
– The state of cryptocurrency investing in 2017 sums up all the important trends we could see in crypto this year.
– An interesting, and for many also outrageous, thing happened in the Litecoin community when its founding father Charlie sold all his litecoins.
– Pamela Morgan summed up all important steps you gotta do when doing your crypto inheritance plan.
– The Merkle put together 5 developments for 2018 that will make Monero holders happy.
– PIVx devs brought attention to the exaggerated claims of the Verge’s marketing campaign boasting with masking of IP addresses.


– While many of us are enthusiastic about the future of blockchain technology, some folks are more sceptical — read their reasons why here.
– So what do you think? Will alternative data structures, like Hashgraph, kill the blockchain?
– Blockchain consortium Hyperledger is already loosing some of its members.
– On the positive note, decentralized storage built on top of blockchain might be a cool thing to have.

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