Issue #8 – March 19th

Morning everyone!

It’s been a while. Sorry for that. The times have been rough for all of us. But, remember, we have been here already in the past. Even though the price ticker might make you nervous, hopefully, what will you find below should calm you a bit. Judge for yourself. Nonetheless, wisdoms from the holy book are always helpful.

„Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.“

(1 Corinthians, 16:13)

– Lightning Network finally on the main net!
– New version of Bitcoin Core.

– A new debate on consensus algorithm change starts to heat up the atmosphere in the Bitcoin community.
– You probably did not know, but chances are someone will steal Satoshi’s coins once.
– Another BTC fork has arrived.
– Researchers examined costs of mining accros the globe.
– What excites the Bitcoin devs?
– Once again, a nice piece on MASTs.
– What could Bulletproofs do in Bitcoin?
– Nice talk on how to put a prediction market as a sidechain on Bitcoin.
– And a bit more on sidechains.
– Ivy — the smart contract language for Bitcoin.
– What the hell is Taproot?Ethereum:
– Vitalik presented a big thing!
– What implications will have OmiseGo and Plasma on the Ethereum network?
– MyCrypto launched their Beta!
– Now you can play also pogs on Ethereum.
– Aaaand Etherbots!
– Or CryptoSaga.
– An overview of developments in the Dapp world.
– Toshi wallet now supports ERC20 and ERC721 tokens!
– Summary of Ethereum scaling solutions and tradeoffs
– And how to make sense of it.
– Vlad Zamfir wrote against the on-chain governance.Altcoins:
– An analysis of Monero Governance
– Another piece on theory of crypto asset valuations. This canvas might help too.
– And another attempt for asset classification.
– An illustration of IOTA’s Tangle.
– Tezos prepares for a launch soon.
– Litecoin Cash on the horizon.
– A primer on stablecoinsBlockchain Tech & Trends: 
– How to Airgap your machine so no one can steal your coins.
– Holochain vs. Hashgraph 
– SEC is hunting after ICOs using SAFT model
– Swedes are getting ready to transact real estate properties on Blockchain.
– Binance was hacked but no coins were stolen. Just pumped.
– Coinbase has been having some rough time recently.
– Inter-blockchain Communication protocol – how it will work?
– Germany decided to not tax crypto purchases.
– World’s largest investment company is still bullish on crypto
– European Union released new statements on crypto.
– Austrians suggest Pan-EU regulations.
– Turkey and Iran plan to launch their own coins.
– Switzerland released new classification of crypto tokens.
– How decentralization creates new business models
– And why is it important
– A contribution to never-ending debate Crypto vs. Dotcom bubble
– The guide to tokenized securities.

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