Issue #13 – August 31st

..Aaand the summer is gone!

Hope you all have experienced beautiful summer vibes despite of the Altmageddon.

Worry not, however, the bulls are coming and according to most of the sources they should be here by the winter. Let’s hope it will be sooner than the next Game of Thrones season. Until then you can go through this extensive report on the state of the crypto world from AutnomousNext .Bitcoin: 

– Great stuff on the Lightning Network – really worth to read.
– This Bakkt thing caused some new hype waves – what is it actually?Ethereum: 

– Top news for the ETH ecosystem: now you can use Trezor for interacting with smart contracts via Metamask.
– We already had here one of the top stable coins – Dai. Soon you will be able to earn rewards on holding onto it.
– Vitalik updated the community on the Casper’s development via tweet storm. He also stormed Cardano folks with criticism of their consensus system.
– The first scalable game on blockchain is now open for early access.
– 40 ETH apps you can use right now.
– Great resources on understanding Plasma tech.
– And the primer for Plasma Cash.Altcoins: 

– Deep dive into differences of two major solutions tackling blockchain interoperability — Cosmos and Polkadot.
– Lots of exchanges tokenize their businesses. Is it a good deal for the investors?
– Brave browser will soon let you earn on your reddit posts and tweets.
– Now you can stake your Particl coins even from Ledger HW wallet.
– A guide showing you how you can store your Monero on Monerujo with the Ledger Nano S.Blockchain Tech & Trends: 

–  According to Coinbase, universities around the world are keeping up with crypto and teach plenty of blockchain-related courses for all kinds of majors.
– Luckily, today you don’t have to gamble just with coin prices, but also a bunch of different crypto games. You may win millions like this guy in Fomo3D.
– Liechtenstein’s Union Bank is launching a security token and a stable coin as the first bank in the world.
– Quick explanation of the way identity frameworks may work in decentralised systems.
– Toshi is now rebranded as Coinbase wallet.
– Here is the overview of development of the crypto regulation in China in the recent years.
– Many believe that the biggest break-through if blockchain is decentralisation, but could it be actually triple-entry accounting?
– Binance launches a new fiat-crypto exchange in Liechtenstein.
– Bitmain is getting ready for their huge IPO.
– Interesting article on the way Coinbase generates their private keys.Events:

I put together a short list of great events you should not miss this fall if you are really into crypto stuff, and happen to be around Europe:

– Baltic Honeybadger in Riga 
– Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis in Prague
– Ethereum Devcon in Prague
– Crypto Summit in Zurich
– Blockwalks in Bratislava
– Web3 Summit in Berlin
– Zero Knowledge Summit in Berlin


– Hal Finney was the first person receiving BTC transaction from Satoshi. Here is his story.

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