Issue #12 – July 22nd

Hello everyone!

Yes, I know it has been a while since the last update but the time passes faster than we all wish. The bright side is that this means the bear market is soon to be over, right? This chart definitely suggests so.

While waiting for the bulls to come – let’s take a deep dive under the hood of the crypto world.


– New privacy focused desktop wallet on BTC – Wasabi.
– Will we have soon tokens on the Lightning Network?
– Speaking of which – check the stats related to its use.
– And more on its routing.
– Have you heard of Discreet Log contracts on Bitcoin?
– Since Satoshi wrote the white paper a lot has changed. See the paper’s errata.
– We have already talked here about Schnorr signatures – but BLS sigs might be even better!
– This proposal seems to be a BIG DEAL as it may drastically increase mining decentralization.
– A primer on DAI – one of the most promissing stable coins.
– If you like graphs here are some fancy ones on all kind of BTC aspects.Ethereum: 
– Mapping the emerging ecosystem around ERC-721
– Augur prediction market has launched!
– Take a look at Vyper – a new programming language for Ethereum smart contracts.
– While the world is waiting for Casper implementation – it’s good to know what it does and how it works.
– More on Casper and Sharding.
– Vitalik and Vlad talks about Ethereum’s roadmap and much more.
– Does Ethereum need to be worried because of Filecoin?
– ZeppelinOS launched!
– List of common attacks vectors in Solidity.
– Community is slowly getting ready to BUIDL on Polkadot.
– Zeppelin folks also released new Transaction Permission Layer Protocol
– Info on Generalized state channels on Ethereum
– Loom folks announced Zombiechain – a DPoS sidechain on Ethereum.
– Ethereum blockchain has been growing rather faster in the past months. Is it an issue?Altcoins: 
– State of cryptocurrencies as of summer 18′.
– Litecoin Foundation bought a stake at a bank – which is, of course, controversial!
– Dfinity is one of the hyped competitors of Ethereum – so what it actually is?
– The same goes for Cardano.
– If you are looking for a way to anonymize your ETH tokens – the Sentinel wallet lets you do it via PIVx.
– Emin Gun Sirer had a nice talk on a new type of consensus protocols on MoneyConf in Dublin – it was one of the best talks I heard there.
– MaidSafe released their new consensus protocol white paper.
– An insight into the Ripple’s fan perspective.
– Dharma protocol is live.
– We talked about Cosmos in the past – here is a bit more on its validator economics.
– Will we have soon digital assets on Monero? Maybe via Tari.Blockchain Tech & Trends: 
– Stats from the Grayscale funds
– Matla introduced new crypto positive laws.
– Further updates on crypto regulations around the world.
– IBM to support new stable coin.
– State of affairs at decentralized exchanges – and the truth about them.
– As well as the truth about Smart Contracts by Jimmy Song.
– A16Z raised 300M USD to invest in crypto.
– Facebook reversed its crypto bans.
– Summary of Long Range attacks on blockchains.
– Basics of Elliptic Curves cryptography.
– seems to be tough competition in the field of DEXes.
– How to make sense of Web 3.0.
– First tokenized equity tokens are soon to be launched on ETH via Neufund.
– Are cryptos and their prices manipulated?
– Some thoughts on advantages of the security tokens
– And again Jimmy Song and his peace on how we can substitute Blockchain with other technologies.
– So where do we actually need blockchain? Many businesses use these heuristics to identify their need for it.
– Coinbase is expanding via new acquisitions.BONUS:– Throwback into early 90’s when David Chaum’s Digicash spawned the Cypherpunks‘ dream.

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