Issue #14 – January 2nd

Issue #14 – January 2nd

Hello everyone!
I wish you a great and successful year ahead! It has been quite some time since the last update. Nothing has happened in crypto in the past three months — said no one ever — so we got a lot to cover! It has been a crazy ride (or fall would be more precise) for all of us I am sure, but if not now when else we have a better opportunity to demonstrate our belief in Satoshi’s vision? See interesting contemplations of Zooko Wilcox on Twitter.

– Year 2018 in Bitcoin by numbers.
– The Bitcoin blockchain can be effectively reached from anywhere in the world, thanks to Blockstream.
– Blockstream also launched Liquid network.
– Now you can order Bitcoin Lightning nodes by Casa – see the review.
– Benefits of Bitcoin being written in C++.
– Recent developments in Neutrino.
– Bitcoin is soon to be on Ethereum blockchain.
– Bakkt ahs been postponed till end of January.
–  Nice dive into identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But Co-inventor of blockchain begs to disagree.
– “We can do better than Bitcoin”, says Free Software Messiah Richard Stallman.
– Philosophical teachings of Bitcoin.
– The Ultimate Guide to Rootstock.
–  New monitoring tool for the Lightning Network by Bitfury.
– Great contemplation on Post-Bitcoin Maximalism.
– Europol stated bitcoins were not used for funding of any terror attacks.Ethereum: 
– Here you can find all the lectures fomr Devcon4 in Prague.
– And here is one of the best talks from Devcon by Cory Doctorow of Electronic Frontiers Foundation on.
– Also, a great talk from Web3 Summit in Berlin on decentralization in the information age.
– Update from the most active ERC-20 projects
– State of Dapps as of November
– Zcash and Monero turned into Ethereum-based smart contracts?
–  Vlad Zamfir vs Gavin Wood on blockchain governance.
– Moving ERC721 tokens between Ethereum and PlasmaChain.
– Vitalik reflecting on the lessons learned from first 5 years of ETH.
– PlasmaChain announced first external validators.
– Plasma and The Raiden network explained.
– Now you can transfer DAI in a Zcash-like fashion on Ethereum.
– Vlad Zamfir’s piece on Blockchain governance.
– ERC725 Alliance focsued on identity has been launched.
– And identity solutions on Ethereum explained.Altcoins: 
– Deep dive into Zero-Knowledge proofs
– Binance is launching Binancechain with intention to compete with Ethereum.
– Under the hood of Mimble Wimble and both of its implementations – Grin and Beam.
– Both of the implementations work with Dandelion protocol which you can read about here.
– Update from the development activities of Monero, Lisk, Waves, Ziliqa and 0x.
– David Chaum’s talk on “The Decentralized Dream” at Websummit and his new coin.
– Bitcoin Cash is rolling out new checkpoint mechanism.
– Understanding Bitcoin Cash hardfork. And after fork report.
– A brief history and deep dive into Monero
– Facebook has announced new stable coin for Whatsapp!
– Analysis of the ChainLink – the decentralised oracle network.

Blockchain Tech & Trends: 

– Bitwala is live again!
– Best tools for Blockchain developers.
– Advantages of functional languages for blockchain protocols.
– Analyses of the correlations between hashrates and price movements by Ambroid.
– “Blockchain” is a semantic wasteland. What a great piece!
– Security tokens are about the hit the world by storm!
– Andy Warhol’s masterpiece was tokenized and sold on auction.
– Brief preview of blockchain in academia
– New Crypto Anarchists haven opened in Bratislava, and featured in Coindesk.
– A long deep dive in situation around crypto in China.
– It seems DEXes are not that safe in front of SEC.
– France gets new crypto-positive legislation.
– Nice overview of all the technical components of distributed consensus.
– Great piece on Schelling points, network effects and Lindy effect.
– Understanding Malta’s regulatory landscape related to security tokens
– Why do we need Web 3.0?
– Father of World Wide Web launches new platform.
– Making securities compliant on Ethereum.
– New emerging standards for security tokens.
– An interesting contemplation on security laws and their application on crypto.
– Overview of the most controversial ideas about security tokens.
– Finally, great podcasts on all aspects of security tokens.

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