Issue #5 – January 21st

Hello everyone!

After two weeks, it’s time for an update again! It is always good to start the new year with a decent amount of self-reflection. Just as Jamie Dimon did, when he conveyed his regret over calling Bitcoin a fraud. Well done Jamie — you stepped out to this year with the right foot! In general, a lot has been going on in crypto and the alts, but in my opinion, the intensity of events in the BTC world outpaced all the other coins. See for yourself.


– Bitcoin’s future, with advancements of the Lightning network, seems to be brighter than ever! So once again, why is LN so important?
– Moreover, the mempool is clearing, fees are dropping down, and Coinbase finally implemented batching and enabled Segwit.
– Some of the Core devs also published a paper elaborating implementation of the Schnorr signatures into the Bitcoin protocol – enhancing privacy and scalability at the same time.
– Gregory Maxwell, Bitcoin Core’s dev, left his engagement at Blockstream to focus solely on development of BTC.
– The same company, Blockstream, also launched Lightning Charge — a micropayment processing system that will make it simpler for developers to build apps on top of the Lightning Network.
– Some BTC folks got excited about NiPoPoW – “Non-Interactive Proofs of Proofs of Work”.
– KFC Canada started to accept bitcoins too!
– Beautiful overview of the organic development of not only the Bitcoin ecosystem — demonstrated by many kinds of data.
– A serious vulnerability was discovered in the Electrum wallet, a software considered to be one of the safest one to interact with Bitcoin network.
– The Bitfury group unveiled new solution for forensic analysis on the Bitcoin network.
– Nice explanation of the cryptographic hash functions used in Bitcoin.
– A new report on Bitcoin and money laundering suggests illicit transactions make up less than 1% of BTC transactions.


– Vitalik came up with a new model for ICOs – DAICO. He also was a guest on the Unchained podcast.
– Bitmex Research group put together a nice time-line of the all events related to the DAO hack.
– KyberNetwork launched on the Ropsten testnet. They also announced a new partnership with ICON.
–  OmiseGo devs wrote a piece on construction of a Plasma chain – an anticipated Ethereum scaling solution. Somebody else wrote then nice overview of the whole OmiseGo project.
– If you are a developer, you may find it useful to read what obstacles you might face while developing ETH-related apps.


– France declared war to cryptocurrencies!
– Kodak has learnt a lesson from the past, and plans to release a coin to catch up with the blockchain industry.
– Binance, one of the largest altcoin exchanges, saw an exponential growth in the past days.
– The team behind one of the most decent altcoins out there, Basic Attention Token, decided to gave away a good bunch coins to the users of their Brave browser.
– Bancor, one of the most prominent ICOs from the past year, partnered once again with TAAS in order to create a TAAS/BNT Token relay.
– Brendan Bernstein of Tetras Capital Partners wrote a nice piece on investing in alts.
– Have you heard of EOS? It’s been in TOP 10 coins for some time already – let’s look what is under the hood there.
– As you may have noticed, it is trendy for an altcoin exchange to launch their own token, but what is the reason behind it?
– An interesting piece contemplating insider trading at Coinbase, related to Litecoin.


– Telegram plans to do a robust ICO soon, even though they received lots of critique regarding their supposedly leaked white paper, some folks in the industry don’t hide their excitement about it.
–  Overview of seven platforms that facilitate ICOs.

Blockchain & Tech:

– Overview of the ways blockchain tech is utilized in the corporate environment.
– Folks at Blockgeeks put together all the potential attack vectors that cryptocurrencies face today.
– Mike Novogratz came with a new plan, after scrapping the idea of setting up a crypto fund.

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