Blockchain Meetup – “Aeternity – Platforma na smart kontrakty”

29. máj 2018 18:00 hodine , Hub HUb, Twin City Buseness Centre B, Mlynské Nivy 12 815 32 Bratislava

Aeternity is one of the world’s top platforms competing with Ethereal. According to market capitalization, TOP 30 has been crippled for a long time. At the next meeting, we will talk with Aeternity representatives about their upcoming main net, state channels, oracles, and other features of their platform. Find out as Aeternity Blockchain, a technology protocol developed at Erlang, providing the basic infrastructure for the future of the Internet as you can become part of it and actively participate in the future. Guests of the evening will be Julio Alejandro, also called “Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech”.

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