Konferencia BLOCKWALKS 2018

Dňa 10.10.2018 sme boli partnermi a zároveň sme sa zúčastnili konferencie BLOCKWALKS 2018. Táto exkluzívna konferencia sa konala v priestoroch bratislavského hradu a vystúpili na nej svetové krypto osobnosti, ako napr. Nick Szabo.

Blockchain Slovakia a Nick Szabo
Blockchain Slovakia a Nick Szabo

Sme veľmi radi, že sme mohli byť súčasťou tejto konferencie. Odchádzame z nej plný inšpirácie a nových poznatkov.

Viac informácií o konferencii BLOCKWALKS 2018 ako aj fotogalériu nájdete nižšie v článku.


BLOCKWALKS is the first conference of its kind – connecting top level governmental officials and advanced technology speakers from around the world. The ambition of this year’s BLOCKWALKS is to open discussion on utilizing blockchain in the public sector and thus shaping an efficient public service.

The industrial revolution in digitization and the rapid growth of blockchain technology is set to play a key role in advancing the public sector. Over the coming years, they will become irreplaceable and will strongly affect broader changes in our society as a whole. BLOCKWALKS has been organized to start an ongoing dialogue of how these changes can and will affect us and how these changes can be used for our good and progress.

Using blockchain technology has a big potential even in the public sector. BLOCKWALKS will allow specific government officials to see pilot projects dealing with the implementation of this technology in the public sector.

Key topics:
Vision – future of the public sector using blockchain technology
Real Examples – real examples of how blockchain is shaping public sector
Issues – the question of security, cyber security, taxation, regulation, and others

Specific speeches will be complemented by the panel discussion and professional networking among governmental officials, investors, enthusiasts, exhibitors, educators, professors, professionals and developers in the area of new technologies. We are convinced that the voice and knowledge of renowned speakers and experts will set the right direction in debates during this conference.

The renowned experts that will speak at BLOCKWALKS 2018 are:

Nick Szabo–Keynote speaker, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts pioneer, so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, USA
Henrik Hjelte – CEO, Chromaway, Sweden
Max Kaye – Co-founder and CTO, SecureVote, Australia
Leonardo Gammar – CEO, Agora, Switzerland
and many others